Hi all.  Hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far.  Last weekend we wrapped up our latest season here at ARTI and what a season it was.  We had so much fun entertaining you this last season and our upcoming season looks even better.  

We start off with The Money Shot, for mature audiences only.  Karen and Steve are glamorous movie stars with one thing in common: desperation.  How far will they let themselves go to keep from slipping further down the Hollywood food chain? The Money Shot lands as sharp and hot as a paparazzo’s camera flash in a starlet’s eye.

Our 2nd show is A Skull In Connemara.  For one week each autumn, Mick Dowd is hired to disinter the bones in certain sections of his local cemetery, to make way for new arrivals. As the time approaches for him to dig up those of his own wife, strange rumors regarding his involvement in her sudden death seven years ago gradually begin to resurface.

In the 3rd spot Fleming (An American Thriller).  Bored by his privileged but mundane life, Henry Flemming sells his lucrative brokerage firm to become a detective. The play is a spoof of the film noir thrillers from the 1940's and 50's.

And bringing up the rear so to speak is Tuna Does Vegas,  the sequel to Red, White and Tuna.  Tuna Does Vegas reunites the lovable and eccentric characters from the 'third smallest town in Texas' as they take a rambling romp in Sin City.  Two actors and 18 parts to play!

We also have a few surprises here and there so keep checking our website (artidaho.org) for updates.

Thanks to you we have raised enough money through our raffles to purchase new chairs for our audiences.  We should be receiving them in the near future.

The Board of Directors would like to take a moment and thank Becky Wray for all of her hard work with the theatre.  She will still be around but is exploring new adventures.  Luv ya' hun.  We would also like to welcome back Sean Cunningham to the Board.

Lots of fun changes on the horizon so keep checking in with us and as always "SEE YA ON STAGE"!

Dave Norris
ARTI Vice President

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