2014-2015 SEASON
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Murder in Green Meadows 
By Douglas Post
At first glance, Thomas & Joan Devereaux appear to be typical  suburbanites who befriend their new neighbors, Jeff & Carolyn  Simmons.  But quickly lies multiply, secrets surface and personalities are revealed.  This is a diabolical tale of sex and deception packed with plot twists and edge-of-your-seat suspense in which Green Meadows is quickly exposed as a cul de sac from hell!
Doors Open:     6:15 pm
Dinner:               6:30 pm
Show Begins:  7:30 pm
Dec 22 & 23 6:30pm at The Phoenix

Auditions for "Bathroom Humor", directed by Rebecca Beck. Need 5 men, 3 women, all ages! This hilarious new farce from the authors of "Lie, Cheat and Genuflect" and "The Senator Wore Pantyhose". They have certainly come up with a novel setting: the play takes place in the bathroom in a home during a party, a handy place for gossip and hanky-panky, where we learn of the wild and crazy things going on at the party. The authors have ingeniously contrived this play so that we feel that, if we had gone to this party we, too, might have spent most of our time hiding out in the bathroom! No preparation needed.
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